Review of PureEdit

Ever since WordPress came out I have always wondered why there are so many different CMS’s out there? Well, if you have ever tried to mold an existing website in to WordPress you will understand with me why the are more than one out there, WordPress is just not that flexible. Many developer’s have tried to fix this problems by making the “content hooks” easier to work with by doing things like making the editable div tag a class with a certain name in it, or creating simple%pathto('content')% tags. While these are okay and a little easier for “code-phobic” designers to work with, they still requires you to fix the code on the actual page.

PureEdit is an innovative CMS that only touches your MySQL and that’s it. Using tables and field tags (such as “body_txt“) it will read the abbreviation of the field suffix and will create an form in it’s backend for say a client to use while again remaining it’s “hands-off” self. Very useful I think, how about swinging by and giving it a try?

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