Apple Barn Orchard and Winery

Client: Apple Barn

Role: Development


Applebarn is an apple orchard based in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. I was brought in by a common friend to help refresh the design of the website. Using both Wordpress and a third-party theme, I was able to collaborate with the help of a mentor to create a unique, fresh experience for the company.


My role on the website was divided into a couple different phases. The first phase was to research both the company and their competitors to find the best competitive edge, moving forward with the project. After generating a report on these findings, I moved forward with theme selection and wayfinding for the website.

Once I was able to get client approval on the theme and direction, we moved forward into modifying and editing the WordPress website to better fit the theme and message of the brand. In working with the website I was able to use both CSS and PHP skills to edit and enhance the theme with brand-specific functionality: from a brand-specific login page, creating or editing brand specific CSS to better fit the tone of the company, and finally, give expert Wordpress advice and guidance in using the backend and frontend interface.