My Role: Developer

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Selling cards and posters were the dream for a client of mine as a side business. The client had the idea for the website and the inventory to sell. He needed my technical skills to reach a global audience with his product.

Welcome Card


Listening to the client, I started giving advice based on my many years of experience. This advice included things like the best shopping solution for the website. For this I suggested FoxyCart but we ended with WooCommerce since it came with the theme. The next topic was the best way to host the website. I recommended SiteGround, but the client had another solution in mind. Finally, we spoke of the experience of shopping, I gave my past experiences and we created a flow from there.

Concept for Message Cab


From this state, I started sketching out the initial map of the website. Going from a theme that the client picked out and bought, we started to develop a shared language for the site. We chose which product was to be featured, how they are categorized, and the quantity of them.

Notebook sketch

From there I started working on the website itself. I used Wordpress as the backend so the client would be comfortable viewing inventory. I modified stock WordPress elements to give the website a unique feel to the product. I also deleted many unneeded and unused elements as they weren't needed taking up space.

Screenshot of Message Cab documention

Documentation and Wrap Up

Once all the modifications and setup was complete. I took two weeks to build a user manual for the client, using Git Books. This manual went over backend operations, the visual styles used, and core operations. A part of this manual was also written for future developers. This was in case there was an problem I was unavailable to assist with.

This website was unable to stay alive for long due to limited stock and hosting problems. I have spoken to the client many times of a stronger solution and a solution in the future.