About Me

Hello, I'm David. I am a front-end developer working for DecksDirect. I love crafting websites that are beautiful, purposeful, and above all disirable to be used day-after-day. I have a long history of working with Javascript, Node, GraphQL PHP, and MySQL.

As a developer I have worked with many different forms of websites, from simple wordpress designs, to full website stores, to full in-house developed membership systems. I have also have a extensive experience working React for a fast and responsive websites that can be developed using data from slower and less responsive systems.

I also have a background in business and marketing, enjoying a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies for Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Having this experience has opened up new opportunities for myself to work with business leaders and marketers to tailor and understand how my work can contribute to the organization as a whole. I also use this background to open up new dialogs in how I can develop code and design systems to help meet the goals and needs of the organization as well.

At the end of the day, I am someone who is very passionate in the details creating websites and interfaces that are easy-to-use, maintainable, and again, desirable for use day-after-day for buying that next great idea.