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April 2nd, 2024

Why I Use Tailwinds CSS

Three years ago, I was introduced to something called Tailwind CSS (called Tailwind from here on), and I have not gone back since. Tailwind is a utility-first framework that works by writing HTML class names, it saves time by not making you name classes and keeps your code more consistent and standardized. Here are some reasons why I think Tailwind is a good framework and why I keep coming back to it time after time. The Pros of Tailwind. The…

December 9th, 2023

The Art of Debugging

The Art of Debugging Websites Aside: For this article, I am going to be using JavaScript and VS Code for the examples, but as this article is more of a why and not a how-to, any editor and language should be applicable. For eons, javascript developers have been printing their code values to either the screen or the console to find the value of a variable, function, or array, in your code. This exchange generally looks like something below: What…

August 9th, 2023

Magento 2 Development on Windows

With the trend of online selling on the rise, every company is looking to the digital horizon with hopes to sell the next great thing that will go viral. The hard truth though is that selling online is really, really, hard. There is a reason that Amazon is larger than almost every other online company combine, which is because they have something figured out that no there company can figure out quite yet, the brains of selling online. There are…

August 12th, 2023

5 Things I Wish I Knew About AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an advanced service platform with over 240 services being provided by the web giant Amazon. When I was working with Wiha Tools I was tasked with creating a new storefront built on the AWS platform. I wanted to share five things that I learned about AWS that would have been super useful from the beginning. Note I want to be upfront about this. I am not writing a beginners guide or offering technical advise on how to…