Wiha Bitfinder

A service built-in React for finding the right screwdriver or power drill bit for the right job

Role: Developer

Website: http://wihabits.com


Wiha Tools has thousands of different styles, profiles, and lengths of bits available to purchase. Because of this complexity, it became clear to the team that we needed to create a utility to help shoppers choose the best bit quickly and easily for their job. The Wiha Bitfinder became the solution, helping customers find the correct bit for their project, fast.

Technical Process

The purpose of the Bitfinder is to bring data in from our online store and filter it down using selectors that the customer can use to find the correct bit for their context. To make this happen, we decided that using React was the correct tool for the job.

Using a JSON file that was outputted from Magento, we were able to fill in the product data using our online store. From this file we used the power of Javascript, to filter the selection and return exact sets of products that the customer needs. Next, we display them to the customer so they can click the right product and purchase it from our online store.


I was able to help choose React for the backbone of this service, primarily as I had prior knowledge of it and could implement it quickly. Using Create React App, we were able to quickly spin up a base framework and create all the basic pages and functions needed to run the website. Once this was done, we could start using React to its fullest creating and swapping out components.

Using the core concept of React, Components, and State, we were able to allow for context changes for the service, based on the inputs of the customers. Using State along with the JSON data, we were able to create on-the-fly selections for the customer based on what style and material they want the bit to be. Next, using this context, we were able to show results that are relevant and accurate for the customers' needs.


The Wiha Bitfinder is an excellent service that is useful to the users of Wiha Tools. It allows professionals to quickly find the locate bits simply by only following a couple of steps. This Project both helped me grow as a developer and learn how to adapt to new and unique challenges that this project presented. I love learning new technologies like this and can’t wait for the next challenge that is presented to me.